Eh, boredom is as boredom does.

1. Go to Google.
2. Enter: [yourname] needs. If you have a very unusual name and receive few hits, consider a nick name or a short form version of your name

1. Dustin needs help finding an attractive girl between 25 and 35 that loves firefighters and the great outdoors.

2. Dustin needs those condoms. He can't live without that girl for like 5 minutes.

3. Dustin needs to hit the weights... His arms have always been skinny for his size.

4. Dustin needs some serious help... Or maybe he can talk to his agent into helping him get his own reality show.

5. Dustin needs to grow up a bit and realize that life is not simply handed to you.

6. Dustin needs to go.

7. Dustin needs to die a flaming horrible death.

8. Dustin needs an aboriginal adoptive family.

9. Dustin needs to improve his ability to bend and play at a lower pad level.

10. Dustin needs to go back to the WWE for a potential team/feud with his brother.

Real entry to follow. Someday.

An angel just nudged me~

Um, yeah... update.

I've been sick and tired. Figuratively, of course. And yet, not altogether bad...

Really, I've gone crazy. No, I mean it this time. At some point in the past few months, my mind snapped into some philosophical jumble that's unwilling to distinguish fantasy from reality. And, by George, I don't even think that's a bad thing! It's a terribly fun thing to be able to absolutely discount the vaguest thoughts of naturalism. Have I ever seen the molecules which go into a piece of paper? No, but I've seen a book, and that's all that needs to exist. So, um... yeah, I've basically completely lost faith in science and order and gained quite a bit in mysticism (for lack of a better word). Oh, yes- entertaining a vaguely agnostic view, as well.

Oh, and my back is killing me. Good day, all~
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Have you ever had the feeling that the entire world's gone absolutely insane, and that whole bit about how the media and pop culture is going to destroy our grasp on reality has already completely, totally, and irrevocably happened?

The truly sad thing about philosophy is realizing that you're only questioning the same things as everyone who has come before you; and that you, like them, are never going to get an answer. It's a much happier life if you just shut up and move on with things.

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Everywhere I go... they're there. On blogs. Message boards. On... okay, pretty much just blogs and message boards. But still! How did they manage to escape the confines of being an in-joke among close-knit internet communities?!

How? Why? What insanity is this?!

Why have the tildes taken over?!
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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of the Really Long Cutscenes

When cinema sequences in games are as consistently entertaining as MGS2's are, then I really don't mind if they're twenty minutes long. But PLEASE, for the love of all the that's holy in the world, let me pause during them! MGS2's extra lengthy movies nearly just killed my mother!
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First update in quite a while...

Boredom took me. And so, instead of enjoying a spot of video gaming, as I would in my more sane moments, I made a vague attempt at a verse fable. Why? The world (myself included) may never know. I debate posting this, disliking it immensely, but, really... why not?

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Finally managed to locate and purchase a Nintendo Wii. (I had to rephrase that like, five times before it stopped sounding kinda wrong...)

See y'all when I'm done with Zelda. And Wii Sports. And Rayman. And... Monkey Ball.